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    Conquerb International is mainly dealing with Chinese herbs and medicines located in Hongkong.Our company is also supplying the best service of purchasing the best quality traditional healthy herbal products like Birdnest andCordyceps sinensis. Conquerb International has its sister company in China-Anguo Ruiyi Trading Co., Ltd. ,which is located in one of the biggest and the most famouse herbal centers-Anguo City.And Conquerb Interntional also has its own factories,which can supply more than thousands of different tradintional Chinese medicines and herbs. Anguo City is also known as Qizh...

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  • Storage of precious Chinese medicines varies Precious Chinese medicines have different properties and storage methods. We must not generalize them. In case of improper storage, it may c

  • What are the taboos of taking traditional Chinese medicine? Nowadays, traditional Chinese medicine is more and more common in our daily life. Most of them used to be old people. Now young people also

  • How to keep Chinese medicine liquid? Chinese medicine is good, but decoction is very troublesome. Fortunately, there are generation decoctions now. The most common type of decoc

  • Which is better, granules or slices of traditional Chinese medicine? Nowadays, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is paid more and more attention to because of its combination of traditional Chinese medicine a

  • How to process Paeonia lactiflora? Paeonia lactiflora is also a precious herbal flower. After processing, the root of Paeonia lactiflora is called medicinal Paeonia lactiflora

  • How to process Semen Ziziphi Spinosae? Zizyphus jujuba seed is an important traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly used to treat the symptoms of asthenia, restlessness, palpit